Life At Adapt


We attract and develop high quality, creative people
who take pride in their work. We build teams of deep
specialist capability
, empowered to add value to our
customer experience.

Just some of the people who make Adapt a great place to work

Paul Mooney


Job title: Commercial Manager
Location: London
Date joined: June 2014

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

I work alongside the Sales team, managing the financial aspects of new business opportunities. It’s a fast-paced, creative working environment and forces me to think on my feet, which I really enjoy. We’re a lively group of people at Adapt and always time for a cheeky one from the beer fridge before leaving on a Thursday evening!

Kate Roberts


Job title: HR Business Partner
Location: London
Date joined: November 2011

Q: What’s great about working for Adapt?

Adapt is an inspiring, fun and interesting place to work - no two days are the same! Views are listened to and we have an open floor policy, so some days the CEO or COO might be sitting next to you. It’s fantastic to have this level of engagement and approachability with the leaders of our business. Working in a smaller team means you see the benefits of the hard work you put in and the impact on others.

Martin Riley


Job title: Head of Infrastructure
Location: Cardiff
Date joined: May 2013

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

There’s no such thing as a typical day at Adapt. Every day presents something different - and a new challenge - which is what I enjoy about the job. The people, its intimate size and the ambition across the company provides me with an opportunity to develop myself in many ways I never considered.

Rachel Kingsley


Job title: Business Development Manager
Location: London
Date joined: April 2013

Q: What inspires you on a daily basis?

I enjoy working with a wide variety of customers and help them respond to their own unique challenges. It is inspiring when I see that we have delivered real value and helped businesses realise their objectives. We can be hugely adaptable and responsive, given our size, and this makes it much easier to design customer solutions that are truly aligned to the specific business.

Christian Jovetic


Job title: Internal IT Manager
Location: Cardiff
Date joined: May 2013

Q: What is the highlight of your career at Adapt?

I was recently awarded the ‘Legend’ title by my peers - this award is given to one employee each quarter and is voted for purely by Adapt colleagues. This is just one of many ways Adapt make people feel appreciated. I’ve been with Adapt for two years now and I still enjoy coming to work every day - the atmosphere and the people make it by far the best and most rewarding place I have ever worked.

Paul Streets


Job title: Senior Service Manager
Location: Cardiff
Date joined: March 2009

Q: What’s your philosophy when it comes to serving customers?

On the surface, my customer philosophy is simple – treat them like people, because that’s just what they are! On a personal level this means being open, engaged, interested and supportive. Practically it translates into understanding their roles, businesses, goals and barriers and how our services as a supplier can help in all these respects. Lastly, I like to try and have some fun together along the way.

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