Anthony Copson

Adapter Anthony Copson's biography

Job title
Operational Pod Manager

Specialist subjects
Public, private & hybrid clouds, operations management, solution design & review

About Anthony Copson

Anthony is Operational Pod Manager at award-winning Managed Services Provider and Cloud Integrator, Adapt. His 16 years’ experience in managed services covers most aspects of operational IT from helpdesk, to support and design on to operational management.

Prior to working in managed services, Anthony has worked in various corporate IT environments, including a well-known commercial TV broadcaster and in the insurance/ financial services sectors.

In his current role, Anthony leads one of Adapt’s technical Pods which calls for agility and quick thinking. The role involves daily contact with customers and operational strategy management, as well as technical/ design reviews and decision making, all with customer experiences and business enablement in mind.

Outside work, Anthony spends most of his time with family, who conspire with their loopy Cocker Spaniel to ensure a tidy house and relaxing atmosphere is but a distant dream!

Anthony Copson
Operational Pod Manager

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