Our award-winning, highly versatile virtual server & storage platform

Enterprise is designed specifically for medium - high criticality services, offering huge scale, up to continuous availability and a wide range of customisation options.

This enables us to blend services and service levels to exactly match your diverse requirements on a highly efficient commercial model, supporting a spectrum of use cases from core critical production systems that demand high levels of resilience to temporary test and development environments.

Harnessing Adapt’s comprehensive portfolio of best-of-breed data centres and strong technology partnerships with Cisco, NetApp, EMC and VMware, the platform offers a range of enterprise-grade, commercially flexible infrastructure services that scale with your evolving requirements.

Configuration freedom

Our flexible shared and dedicated architectures allow us to offer a range of configuration options: business-critical Active-Active services for continuous availability, Active-Passive services that include a DR environment and straightforward Single Site services for your production, standby and development systems. Your selected options are then integrated into your personal Adapt Enterprise Cloud, even extending to your Adapt-provided colocation environments.

For the most business critical requirements, we offer an Active-Active environment that spans two physical data centres operating as a single infrastructure. Built on proven, leading-edge technologies, the configuration allows virtual servers to be migrated instantaneously between physical data centre facilities with zero loss of service. The unified virtual platform is delivered across two high quality Tier III specification data centre sites: one in London Docklands and the other outside the M25 over 70 km away.

Our Active-Passive and Single-Site solutions utilise the same facilities, compute and networking infrastructure as our business critical solution for a zero-compromise approach to performance, security and integration.

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  • Access a level of customisation, performance & availability perfectly aligned to your business requirements & budget
  • Grow without further capital cost
  • Demand higher SLAs or more compliant solutions than the public/ consumer cloud can deliver
  • Connect your physical, legacy infrastructure directly to your cloud platform
  • Match spend with demand & simply pay for what you use

Scalable, flexible, reliable

Scalable, flexible, reliable

Adapt leverages the certainty of proven, vendor-validated design. Founded on reference architectures from leading vendors, the platform was developed with long-term stability and scalability at its core, giving us the ability to build out infrastructure whilst delivering your uninterrupted service.

The flexibility of the platform extends beyond the technology layer to the underlying commercial model, allowing you to easily meet rapid growth requirements and peaks in demand for your services.

​Security & compliance

​Security & compliance

The Enterprise platform hosts critical production systems for PCI and FCA regulated customers – we understand the importance of your data and have developed a range of customisation options that ensure you meet your compliance challenges.

Adapt is certified to information security standard ISO 27001. Your data is stored in national data centres and will never be moved offshore, with support and management delivered by our class-leading 24/7 UK Service Operations Centre.

​Disaster recovery (DR)

​Disaster recovery (DR)

With increasing pressure on technology to deliver both internal and external services effectively, the complete loss of a data centre site can be disastrous.

For business critical systems, Adapt’s Enterprise platform has been designed from the ground up to support recovery point objectives that represent zero data loss to your business

​Simplified budget management

​Simplified budget management

Cloud-based infrastructure services offers organisations tighter cost control features and the ability to more accurately predict and meet future demand. Built on a highly flexible ‘pay as you grow’ model, Adapt’s Enterprise platform gives you access to the benefits of virtualisation and on-demand services without the upfront capital investment.

Our pure OPEX-based cost models reflect utilisation, matching spend with evolving business needs so you only pay for what you use.

Customisable service management

Customisable service management

Adapt’s service layer delivers fully customisable management and monitoring down to the individual component. We design a unique monitoring and response matrix for each Enterprise platform customer, tailoring alerting thresholds and escalation to each defined service.

We manages the underlying platform infrastructure and your virtual servers up to the operating system layer, including applications, backups and batch processes as required.

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  • Uninterrupted service, customised 24/7 management & monitoring
  • Scales precisely with your evolving compute & storage requirements
  • Increase compute power & storage, replace aging technology assets
  • Active-Active solution includes built in DR - no requirement to purchase additional licensing
  • Rapid deployment with individualised service delivery that meets your specific needs
  • Meet significant fluctuations in demand for services
  • Optimise risk management & DR
  • Ability to connect your physical, legacy infrastructure directly to your cloud platform


  • Scalability & flexibility that extends beyond the technology layer
  • High performance, high availability virtual servers & Storage as a Service
  • Zero data loss even in the event of a complete data centre site failure (Active-Active)
  • 24/7 monitoring & management by experts who understand your environments
  • Highly secure with a range of optional compliance features & enhancements
  • Business critical synchronous storage replication delivers the highest availability SLAs & performance
  • Resilient private network for data & storage traffic
  • All data retained in-country with UK based support teams


  • Active-Active, Active-Passive & Single-Site options, all integrated to function as a single Enterprise Cloud Platform
  • Dedicated underlying physical hardware if you need a higher level of security or isolation of data.
  • Backup
  • DR
  • OS management
  • Application level services including desktop, database, email & collaboration
  • Ability to create a hybrid environment alongside your own dedicated infrastructure
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