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As one of the UK’s leading debt purchase and collection companies, 1st Credit has supported over 350,000 customers in reaching a debt-free future. The company is widely known for its ethical approach to debt collection and for treating customers fairly.

In 2014, 1st Credit became the only company in the industry to be awarded the maximum three star rating and registered as ‘exceptional’ by the independent Investor In Customers (IIC) assessment process. Later that year, the business also took home a ‘Listening & Changing’ award at the Customer Experience Awards - for 1st Credit, responsiveness, insight and understanding is critical to success.

The challenge

1st Credit helps customers take the most effective route to ‘debt-free’. When 1st Credit buys a new debt book, the complex customer data it contains has to be analysed and acted upon promptly, so the business uses a proprietary application called CreditSolve®. This software relies on fast, efficient infrastructure to house the data and support rapid processing.

Due to rapid expansion and an ageing technology platform, 1st Credit reached a point where the in-house IT system was beginning to inhibit the company’s growth. In the months prior to choosing Adapt, 1st Credit had more data to analyse than their existing infrastructure could manage. This led to an increased risk of outages and points of failure. To compound the problem, when additional net-work capacity was required (for example, when a new debt book was purchased and loaded onto the system), it brought with it new hardware demands that were not easily scalable.

1st Credit’s IT procurement was not cost effective and led to an underutilised network. The back-up and recovery approach that guaranteed sensitive data was overspecified, expensive and required significant management time to support. So instead of becoming a catalyst for growth, 1st Credit’s in-house IT team were caught up in designing ways to handle significant volume increases efficiently.

The solution

Working in close partnership, Adapt and 1st Credit made plans to migrate CreditSolve® and other key business systems and applications to an environment that could deliver the efficiency, scale and flexibility required to support future growth. As innovation workshops with Adapt to discuss current and future IT challenges progressed, 1st Credit knew they had found the right partner to take responsibility for their critical applications.

Adapt’s tiered, multi-cloud management platform - The Habitat - was selected as the ideal solution for 1st Credit. The Habitat delivers an agile, compliant and economical infrastructure.

Supporting efficient, compliant growth

Scalability - 1st Credit now has a cost effective and scalable IT infrastructure that grows in line with new business. This allows the large volumes of unstructured data from new debt books to be processed quickly by CreditSolve® and acted on as a priority by Customer Service Representatives.

Managed services - 1st Credit’s customised managed service infrastructure is specific to the company’s business needs. This includes support for 200 hosted Exchange users, data backup and software provisioning for all end user devices. Adapt has become one of 1st Credit’s trusted and dependable partners and plays a key role in helping 1st Credit manage its IT infrastructure, leaving the business free to focus on helping customers and in turn, growing and expanding.

Disaster recovery & business continuity - Adapt has built 1st Credit’s IT infrastructure over two sites, providing critical cover and improved resilience. 1st Credit now has an efficient disaster recovery and business continuity strategy, supporting 1st Credit’s strict adherence to Financial Conduct Authority and EU Data Protection directives that keep sensitive personal customer data safe and secure.

Dedicated UK support - Adapt provides direct UK-based 24x7x365 support to all 200 1st Credit IT users. Anyone at the company can call Adapt’s service team directly to fix any system issues. This removes the need for 1st Credit to have onsite IT support and lets the company focus on its core business.

1st Credit's view

Eddie Nott, CEO:

“We needed an IT system that would grow in line with the ambitions of the business. We have always been technology pioneers in our industry - by choosing Adapt’s new and exciting Habitat solution, we are able to upload, analyse and output information more efficiently, which in turn allows us to serve our customers quicker and more effectively.”

“Working with Adapt, we are creating a solution that enables efficient growth and goes beyond industry expectations in compliance.”

1st Credit

We needed an IT system that would grow in line with the ambitions of the business. Working with Adapt, we are creating a solution that enables efficient growth and goes beyond industry expectations in compliance.

Eddie Nott
CEO, 1st Credit
Reduced processing

1st Credit’s overnight processing reduced by an average of 1.5 hours

Performance improvement

Up to 20% improvement in performance measured by 1st Credit key reporting tool

247 support

24x7x365 support from Adapt’s UK-based team of technical experts and engineers

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  • Better economies of scale - more efficient IT procurement
  • Smarter technology - a growth platform that evolves with the business
  • 24x7x365 support for all 1st Credit’s IT users from Adapt’s UK-based team of 150 technical experts
  • 1st Credit’s overnight processing has been reduced by 1-2 hours per night increasing the window to process more customer accounts in the future
  • 10-20% performance gains recorded on key reporting tool which allows 1st Credit to analyse data more rapidly


  • Dual-site solution to provide cover & support formal DR & business continuity strategy
  • Managed service architecture all the way up to the OS layer
  • Hosted Exchange environment for 200 users
  • Data backup & software provisioning for all end user devices


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  • Scale seamlessly
    Scalability aligned with 1st Credit's expansion & growth
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  • Strengthen security & compliance
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