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MADE.COM has revolutionised the furniture industry, creating a new way to shop that puts the customer at the heart of the manufacturing process.

MADE.COM thinks differently, making creative, original design affordable and accessible online. Building more than 30,000 individual pieces of furniture to order every month, MADE.COM has optimised processes to precisely align manufacture with customer demand. By stripping back excess costs and the layers between customer and supplier, MADE.COM is able to deliver designer furniture that costs up to 70% less than the high street equivalent.

The challenge

MADE.COM is a forward-thinking organisation whose technology decisions have a rapid, visible impact on the bottom line. Behind its innovative business model, MADE wanted a technology partner to run, support and sustain its eCommerce platform - its principal route to market and responsible for all of MADE revenues.

Data generated by the site drives the manufacturing, sales and marketing arms of the business, so the supporting infrastructure for this site is critical to MADE’s entire operations – downtime is not an option.

Additionally, MADE was looking for a technology partner that could match its desire and vision to embrace new technologies that drive a rich, competitive customer experience online.

The solution

Working closely with MADE, Adapt designed and delivered a flexible, resilient multi-site private cloud environment that is highly responsive to customer demand, reducing the cost to serve and supporting rapid company growth.

Adapt’s highly available architecture mitigates the risk of downtime and ensures MADE’s business-critical activities remain 100% operational. As all of MADE’s revenues are derived from online sales, downtime poses a greater than usual commercial risk. The eCommerce environment is now fast and responsive with the elasticity to meet website traffic demands easily, supporting planned and unexpected high volume peaks. Services are provided from two data centres and replicated across Adapt’s core network.

Scalability is critical success as the company expands its reach - Adapt has aligned itself with MADE’s growth strategy and a team of technical specialists is working to support MADE as it expands into Europe.

The service

The MADE team is fully supported by Adapt’s UK-based technical specialists, available 24 hours a day.

Adapt’s customer service model is based around its innovative Service Pod structure, where specialised virtual teams or ‘pods’ of technology experts maintain end-to-end knowledge of customer environments and their commercial significance. The members of the Pod are involved from the infrastructure design stage through to ongoing in-life support, giving MADE the confidence that it is supported by people who understand its business and the role that technology plays in MADE’s success.

Creating scale, improving performance & increasing agility

Before working with Adapt, MADE lacked agility due to the inflexible nature of its existing service provider. Now MADE benefits from an increased return on its technology investment and a customised, forward-looking solution that meet its evolving needs. The company only pays for the software and network capacity it uses and is free to scale its infrastructure as required - so when an ad campaign is about to go live on television or during the Christmas and January sales, MADE can seamlessly support sudden and extreme demand from its online customers.

As a result, the award-winning relationship between MADE and Adapt quite simply allows MADE.COM to focus on what it does best, building market share with the confidence that scale, one of the biggest challenges to high growth businesses, will not be an issue.

Working in partnership, MADE and Adapt have increased underlying server performance by 40 per cent, also winning the prestigious Retail Project of the Year title together at the Techworld 2014 awards.

To find out more about MADE, please visit MADE.COM


We want to be able to deliver consistency, whilst still being innovative and unique to our online audience. Scalability that can sustain business growth is central to our evolution both now and in the future. As we focus on innovation, Adapt has our infrastructure covered - it’s the one thing I don’t have to worry about.

Jonathan Howell

Improvement in website performance compared to MADE.COM’s previous solution

Supporting dynamic traffic volumes & future growth

A seamless, rapid transition with zero service impact to MADE.COM’s customers

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  • Secure, responsive online experiences for customers
  • Scalabiity aligned with MADE's expansion & growth
  • Ability to support periods of planned & unplanned high volume traffic
  • Robust, dependable support for MADE’s primary sales engine
  • Flexibility & agility gains for other business units, such as Marketing


  • Dedicated high specification private infrastructure
  • 100% virtualized, flexible solution
  • Rapid, straightforward provisioning
  • Detailed SLA reporting
  • 24x7 support from Adapt’s UK-based team of highly skilled hosting engineers


  • Enhance customer experience
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  • Scale seamlessly
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