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Kivue is a software solutions business, specialising in software that supports effective communications and performance of portfolios of change programmes. Kivue provides businesses with a key view into their software assets.

Kivue gives business leaders access to high quality visualisations of the performance, schedule and impact of their businesses projects. Used by enterprises such as Vodafone and EE, Kivue’s flagship product, Perform, is a highly visual portfolio performance tracking solution, delivering executive insight into every corner of business. Project managers particularly value Perform for its quick, simple and logical data input, which dramatically reduces the time spent on reports – allowing them to focus instead on delivery.

The challenge

As a niche player in a highly specialised market, Kivue’s management team felt that the company was not getting enough support from its existing Managed Services Provider (MSP) - suffering daily outages which caused applications to freeze and in turn frustrate customers. Kivue needed a provider that would engage better with the business, maintain a deep understanding of its objectives and develop a customised, flexible service that was aligned to its budget and business model. The company wanted an outsourced team that could remove the overhead of infrastructure management entirely, leaving Kivue to focus on core business.

Kivue’s infrastructure needs to seamlessly and rapidly scale with demand as new customers are onboarded to the Perform platform. However, the nature of Kivue’s business means that it can’t keep large amounts of bandwidth in reserve in anticipation of new contract wins.

The solution

Kivue selected Adapt because of its commitment to going the extra mile in understanding the operations and challenges of its customers - and its ability to support rapid growth and change.

Adapt created a customised, scalable and resilient private Habitat for Kivue’s applications, delivering the optimum balance of performance, flexibility and cost. Since implementation, Adapt’s cloud-based infrastructure has delivered the following benefits:

Scalability – Kivue can finally access the dedicated infrastructure it needs, both to scale quickly as new clients come on board and to support existing clients as their demands to store and access critical project data grow.

Flexibility – Adapt’s flexible cloud-based Habitat gives Kivue maximum choice and control, allowing for different performance specifications and price plans within a single network infrastructure and contract.

Support 24/7 – Adapt supports Kivue 24/7 from a state-of-the art Managed Services Centre (MSC), utilising powerful monitoring tools to ensure Kivue’s services and systems are always running optimally.

Dedicated service management – working with Adapt, Kivue benefits from an innovative Service Pod model – a ‘focused technical centre of excellence’ that takes ownership of Kivue’s IT environment and acts as an extension of its in-house IT team. This allows Kivue’s management team to stay focused on business-building activities, free from reactive day to day hardware maintenance.

Understanding the business, delivering outcomes

Before working with Adapt, Kivue’s infrastructure was having a negative impact on customer experience, unable to do justice to the innovative applications it was responsible for delivering. Both Kivue’s technical environment and incumbent provider were struggling to step up to the challenge and could not match demand.

Kivue now speak to their customers and prospects with complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that their platforms will never be a service inhibitor and will scale securely as customer requirements grow.

In partnership with Adapt, Kivue has improved customer perception by reducing the number of service outages from daily interruption to zero, improving the quality & availability of service delivery and giving Kivue the freedom to scale and change as the business evolves.

Kivue's view

Rupert Taylor, Managing Director

“In contrast with off-the-shelf cloud providers, Adapt takes time to consider the optimum solution for individual services, workloads and required business outcomes. For us, this has resulted in a cloud environment that’s appropriate to the criticality of our different services and ensures we don’t overpay or overspec. This keeps us agile, optimised and continually moving towards greater efficiency, scale and performance with lower, predictable costs.”


Adapt has become a trusted partner. The team has taken the time to understand how our business works and gained an insight into our own clients’ needs. The Adapt team has an intimate understanding of our required outcomes - we are working with a group of people who genuinely want to play a part in helping us succeed. We want to grow our business with Adapt.

Rupert Taylor
Managing Director, Kivue

Increased availability & performance on scalable, resilient cloud infrastructure


A single, straightforward service agreement with maximum commercial flexibility


Downtime since service implementation & launch

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  • Zero downtime
  • Scalable in line with growing business
  • Quick & seamless onboarding for Perform customers
  • Commercial flexibility & billing that reflects diverse platform usage
  • Cost-effective tactical infrastructure for key sales & marketing initiatives
  • Robust, dependable UK-based support for Kivue’s flagship software
  • Working with a trusted partner that takes time to understand business drivers


  • Rapid, straightforward scalability
  • Dedicated, secure hosting environment
  • Managed cloud infrastructure running Linux & Windows
  • 24x7 support from the UK-based team

  • Scale seamlessly
    Scalability aligned with Kivue's expansion & growth
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  • Enhance customer experience
    More than just high quality service to a contracted SLA
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  • Innovate for growth
    Making cloud work harder for your business
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