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For more than a decade, Orbian has assisted large, global corporations with its collaborative approach to trade payments and receivables financing - since its inception, the business has processed more than 3 million Payment Instructions (PI) at a total value of more than $70 billion.

Orbian’s innovative, trust-enabled approach and award-winning SCF platform give organisations access to programmes with virtually unlimited funding capacity while mitigating the operational risks inherent in traditional SCF offerings.

Orbian helps buyers and suppliers enhance business performance – optimising working capital, decreasing supply chain risk and reducing operational costs – by delivering the most efficient form of receivables financing, as well as streamlining payment and settlement processes.

The challenge

With rapidly rising global customer demand, it became evident that the projected growth in SCF transaction volume and web service usage would exceed the capacity of Orbian’s existing infrastructure. A project was initiated to seek a strategic technology partner who could:

  • Deliver a contemporary hosting platform that would seamlessly scale to meet evolving business needs
  • Consolidate and manage all generic IT services, allowing Orbian to focus on SCF technology innovation
  • Transition Orbian’s current service catalogue in a tight 6 month migration window with minimal impact to customers

The solution

After carefully assessing the market, Orbian selected Adapt to deliver and manage its core IT infrastructure. Key to this decision was Adapt’s extensive experience in helping businesses transition and consolidate their IT systems and its proven ability to improve performance, increase reliability and simplify complexity. Delivered on time and on budget, the project ensured a seamless and rapid transition to Adapt’s award-winning enterprise Virtual Data Centre (eVDC) platform with zero service impact to Orbian’s customers.

For Orbian, the eVDC provides access to enterprise-grade compute resources that would have been out of reach under the previous IT delivery model. Adapt worked closely with Orbian to translate industry-leading technology into a powerful competitive edge, enabling the processing of thousands of high-value transactions faster and more reliably. Going forward, Adapt’s utility-based provisioning model ensures that Orbian only ever pays for the services that it uses – eliminating the need to over-provision capacity in expectation of future demand.

Migrating Orbian’s SCF solution to Adapt’s flagship cloud platform has delivered a number of significant benefits, reducing transaction processing time by 80% for each payment instruction and reducing customer login wait time by 85% for portal web services.

Orbian has further capitalised on the eVDC’s utility model to quickly provision computer and storage capacity for test or ad hoc projects and has simplified its DR documentation and procedures in line with the eVDC’s dual site resilience features.

Moving its supply chain finance services into the Cloud represented a huge technology leap for Orbian. Ready to meet Orbian’s ambitious growth targets, the eVDC’s extreme scalability provides the perfect technology platform both for now and the future, from which Orbian can attract new customers and continue to support its existing base.


Working with Adapt has been a great success and has met all of our expectations. We have been able to make a huge technology leap as a result of this initiative which will help us maintain our leading position as a skilled innovator in supply chain financial services. Furthermore, the flexibility and scalability of the eVDC ensures that we can continue to meet the demands of our growing customer base within the framework of a very efficient capital model.

Huw Jones
Director of IT Service Management, Orbian

Decreasing Payment Instruction transaction processing time by 80%

Reducing customer login wait time for portal web services by 85%

A seamless and rapid transition with zero service impact to Orbian’s customers

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  • 80% decrease in transaction processing time for Payment Instructions
  • Reduced customer login wait time by 85% for portal web services
  • Seamless transition to eVDC platform with zero service impact to customers
  • Scalable, flexible infrastructure primed for growth
  • High quality technology proposition that offers real-world competitive advantage


  • High levels of performance & availability
  • Commercial flexibility & billing that exactly reflects platform usage
  • Dual site with built in DR capability
  • Highest quality support & management delivered by UK-based Operations Bridge


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