Adapt Launches Vendor Neutral Virtual Data Centre

Jan 24, 2011
Adapt Launches Vendor Neutral Virtual Data Centre

Adapt has today announced the availability of its Virtual Data Centre (VDC) service, which makes use of Adapt’s comprehensive portfolio of best-of-breed data centres to offer customers bespoke colocation and managed services that grow with their business.

Highly flexible virtualisation

With Adapt’s highly flexible ‘pay as you grow’ model, customers of any size can realise the benefits of virtualisation without the traditionally associated upfront capital investment.

Today, many organisations understand the advantages of virtualisation, but lack the resources, capital or technical know-how to implement and exploit these technologies successfully. Adapt’s VDC makes it easy for customers to outsource and manage their infrastructure, allowing instant provisioning and decommissioning of virtual resources to meet variations in workload. The elasticity of this solution ensures that customers only pay for what they use, making the most of overstretched IT budgets.

Adapt’s strategic relationships with leading data centre providers including Sentrum, Global Switch and Level 3 offer customers a wide choice of high-specification facilities. As these data centres are interconnected via Adapt’s dedicated dark fibre, high availability network, VDC customers can choose to locate their applications at any combination of sites with low latency and high resilience.

“Over the years, working with Adapt has offered Level 3 a successful route to market that complements our core competences,” said James Heard, President, European Markets Group at Level 3. “As one of Europe’s leading Premier Master Resellers, Adapt provides services into all of our global Gateways - with its extensive fibre connectivity, customers colocated at another Adapt facility can easily connect back to our data centres for business continuity if needed. With its VDC service, Adapt has the tools to provide their customers with everything from basic colocation to full managed services, all supported by Level 3’s high standards.”

Create, deploy and manage your VDC

Adapt has ensured that customers remain in full control of their services, with the ability to create, deploy and manage their own VDC infrastructure through a dedicated service portal that delivers a real-time view of all systems and services.

“With Adapt we can be confident that we are benefiting from best-of-breed data centre facilities and, more importantly, unparalleled levels of resilience, which is obviously crucial as we operate in such a fast moving market,” said Paul Stubbs, VP of Engineering at Glide. “Adapt’s VDC forms the cornerstone of our infrastructure and makes it easier to react quickly to changes in workload, additional environments and overall business agility.”

“In today’s increasingly aggressive and constantly changing business environment, organisations must be more agile and responsive if they are to remain competitive,” said Simon Fisk, Sales and Marketing Director, Adapt. “With our VDC offering, our customers can benefit from phenomenal levels of resilience and data centre flexibility – without the traditionally associated financial or management headaches. Our partnerships with leading global data centre providers make the VDC fully scalable, enabling customers to pay for what they need now and then expand the service in line with individual business growth. This reduction in overall operating and capital costs will surely be a welcome benefit in today’s tough climate.”

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