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Efficiently blending on-demand services across a range of cloud platforms to deliver your business outcomes

Dynamic Application Environments

Enterprise Cloud Platform

Highly customisable, right-sized environments for your critical & non-critical services

Adapt owns and manages the Habitat, a range of award-winning infrastructure and technology platforms, built on world-class vendor components and designed to offer you maximum choice and flexibility.

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Why Adapt for Cloud Services

Every cloud service requires a solid physical foundation of infrastructure, management and expertise.

Our deep skills in traditional infrastructure and high quality service management coupled with our award-winning, cutting-edge clouds make us the perfect partner.

We help you stay agile, optimised and continually moving towards greater efficiency, scale and performance with lower, predictable costs.

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We Deliver:

  • Experience with edge
  • Right-sized clouds for your business & workloads
  • Experts who know your environments
  • Dedicated service management

Complex or simple, we’re on hand to solve your cloud challenges.Send us your challenge or call us on 0845 304 3044

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