Ultra portable workloads. Multiple clouds.
One award-winning service wrap.

The way businesses think about, buy, manage & consume cloud has evolved. It's what we're calling the New Cloud Economics:

Buy / Procure

What you want, when you want it - in the way you want to pay for it - for maximum choice & control. Define your technology requirements simply and exactly by business outcomes.

Manage / Operate

Keep the bits you want; automate or outsource the bits you don’t. Move applications freely & securely between performance tiers, environments & providers, in & out of the cloud.

Consume/ Utilise

Ongoing commercial efficiency and alignment. Huge flexibility throughout the lifespan of the contract to rethink and reshape your consumption model.

Introducing The Habitat

Free your applications to move securely between tiered, fluid environments aligned to their profile & natural characteristics.

The Habitat dynamically aligns budget and application performance, keeping your environments permanently efficient and optimised against your business priorities.

Workloads move seamlessly between performance tiers based on rules you set, building in logic around security and risk profile, impact and availability, performance and user dependencies, budget and running costs and future application profile.

EXCEED: Ultimate user experiences & extreme performance for business-critical systems

PERFORM: Optimal balance of cost & performance for core internal day-to-day workloads

CONSUME: On demand low-cost volume for test & dev, variable demand & lower priority systems

Cloud integrator

The Habitat is the cornerstone of Adapt’s cloud integrator model, bringing together our own market-leading platforms, public hyperscaler environments like Amazon Web Services, customer ‘on premise’ and physical/ legacy/ other 3rd party environments.

We deliver these under a single service management wrap with seamless workload portability across the whole ecosystem.

This enables customers to:

  • Move applications freely and securely between environments, in and out of the cloud, from low to extreme performance and back again
  • Define technology requirements simply and exactly by business outcomes
  • Do more with the same budget by optimising efficiency and alignment
  • Control service and performance levels

Customisable, modular service wrap

The fluidity and flexibility of the Habitat is enabled by a rock solid, industry-leading service and support structure.

We work with you to blend commercial, technical and service requirements into a single transparent management wrap that gives you a window into the true usage profile and cost of your IT.

Welcome to the Habitat!
Find out more about our ultimate application environment & the challenges it helps your business resolve.

We selected Adapt's software-defined Habitat for its elastic capability and ongoing alignment with our business, however we grow and change in the future.

Chris Smith
Head of Infrastructure

Find out how... Leading foods-to-go provider Greencore's Habitat helps them reduce risk & increase agility

Habitat in action… 1st Credit achieves optimal balance of performance, flexibility and efficiency to support growth

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  • Ability to move applications freely & securely between environments
  • Agility, control & enablement
  • Optimal balance of cost & performance
  • Massive scale
  • Dedicated specialists with deep knowledge of environments


  • On demand enterprise-grade security & functionality
  • Productive, collaborative open working relationships
  • Tiered performance, from entry level to extreme
  • Ultra-portable workloads
  • Outcome-aligned, customisable SLAs


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