Data Centre Services

Scalable, rock-solid colocation, hosting & transformation from our network of premier data centre sites


Data Centre Security

Protecting your data & systems

Security is the primary focus within all Adapt deployed data centres and colocation environments. We also recognise that security requirements must be balanced against your need for rapid, straightforward access to your equipment.

Strong access controls

Adapt carefully manages security and access to your systems and data to prevent unauthorised access.

Why Adapt for Data Centre Services

We manage critical data centre infrastructure for some of the UK's best loved brands and overseas for global industry leaders.

Locating your infrastructure within Adapt's data centre network delivers accessible enterprise-grade availability, resilience and security, typically reducing costs and removing management and environmental concerns.

We support and deliver managed infrastructure services from our state-of-the art Service Operations Centre (SOC), active 24/7, utilising leading monitoring tools to ensure that your services and systems are running optimally.

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We Deliver:

  • Scalable, rock solid colocation & hosting
  • High quality infrastructure management wrap
  • Proven, expert transformation & migration skills
  • Layered, auditable security

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