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Adapt helps you understand the nature of your structured and unstructured data and decide where and how to store it. We work with you to design scalable retention and access strategies aligned precisely to the profile of the data and its value to your business, managing your critical middleware and infrastructure to remove complexity, create fluidity and strengthen governance. We offer flexible, tiered data storage and database management solutions on the ground, in the cloud or both, ensuring you never find yourself unable to meet the dynamic needs of your application environment.

Get Big Data ready

Data is the backbone of your business but the value you are able to leverage today vs. what you may be able to do with it at scale tomorrow can be very different. Adapt helps businesses build forward-looking data holding and management strategies that pave the way for tomorrow’s insight and analytics. We create architectures and pools geared to collect, structure, store and present your data in a future-ready state, so you are poised to capitalise on actionable insight as soon as your business is ready.

Governance and compliance

Adapt works with many organisations in highly regulated industries including central government, financial services and healthcare. The modular nature of our managed storage and database services allows us to easily customise processes, scale security and implement compliance-mandated measures to meet even the most demanding external standards and internal governance policies.

Adapt - Do More

  • Align the characteristics of your data to optimal database and storage environments
  • Free your internal resources to focus on creating data insight
  • Remove management complexity from your data environments
  • Create a sustainable cost: value ratio that works for your business
  • Strengthen governance without compromising accessibility

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