What's great about cloud enablement and transformation

It’s all about your starting point: unless you are a cloud-native business, transforming diverse or ageing hardware, complex legacy systems and in-house applications carries a potential time, cost and risk impact.

Adapt’s range of readiness and enablement services takes you from a standing start to cloud enlightenment with as much or as little guidance as you need, from end-to-end delivery and ongoing management services, to short-term light touch support with discovery or planning phases.

Designing, supporting and delivering the ‘journey to agile’

Whatever your drivers, obstacles and compelling events, our ultimate goal is to help you make practical, informed decisions about your technology roadmap, reducing risk, removing uncertainty and creating a straightforward path to your required outcomes.

Adapt helps organisations fully understand their readiness/maturity level, enabling smarter planning across the complete spectrum of cloud options, opportunities and challenges.

Independent and informed: the cloud integrator perspective

As a cloud integrator, Adapt’s independence and objective view of the market means we are well placed to help you determine the most relevant, highest value and lowest risk cloud journey for your organisation.

We help customers:

  • Create the agility to support growth and change
  • Integrate cloud technology transformation programmes with wider business change initiatives
  • Build powerful, cost effective security strategies that reduce risk and increase resilience
  • Create cost efficiencies and optimise investments across entire technical estates
  • De-risk progress with proven, expert transformation and migration skills
  • Deliver more easily against new and evolving customer expectations
  • Streamline and standardise for easy scale
  • Transform performance and responsiveness within the cloud

Adapt - Do More

  • Gain a fresh perspective on your relative cloud maturity, efficiency, enablers and capabilities
  • Create a clear, custom path to required outcomes
  • Understand your consumption profile and the true cost of IT
  • Understand available options, paths and associated impact and risk
  • Identify quick wins: ideal workloads and applications that are ready to move

Complex or simple, we’re on hand to solve your cloud challenges.
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