Zero-downtime cloud migrations

Adapt's experience of managing complex zero-downtime transformations for high-profile global enterprises means we are ideally placed to work with you to drive transformation projects that deliver real-world benefit.

Adapt has successfully planned and executed hundreds of customer migrations to and through the cloud, learning that with every project comes new experience, fresh insight and understanding. Each project has driven improvements in our overall approach, which we layer over tried and tested PRINCE 2 and ITIL methodologies, running each migration in a standardised, consistent way with clearly defined rollback points.

Plan, test, document

Adapt’s ‘Pulse’ methodology forms an integral part of our end to end customer engagement process. The methodology maps a detailed process that reflects the customer’s journey, starting at the sales engagement stage through Transition and Transformation work streams and into Business as Usual Service Management where the in-life service governance framework takes over. This methodology has its roots in the Prince2™ methodology, but has been enhanced and modified to deliver agile projects.

When managing a cloud migration, detailed project planning, strong documentation communications and testing are fundamental. Following the completion of the final design, we create individual transition plans for each aspect of your service, building in timing allowances as necessary for change freezes and investment cycles, peak or critical service periods and the resolution of identified risks in the readiness assessment phase.

Adapt delivers full documentation of all infrastructure aspects for both planning and project group reference, maintaining robust, collaborative communication with you and your suppliers at all times. Our objective is straightforward - to remove as much risk and uncertainty as possible - so rigorous testing extends to full project dress rehearsals for complex moves.

Minimising cloud migration risk

Alignment and communication are critical to the success of the migration and implementation activity. Full transparency between both parties is required to actively manage identified risks and create the responsiveness required to resolve new challenges as/if they arise. Peer review of all design and documentation assists in the reduction of risk and strong change control processes maintain the ongoing clarity of the migration scope.

Cloud migration delivery

Adapt takes a phased approach to transitioning your systems to a new cloud environment. Applications and services are transferred as collectives, moving from low - high complexity as the migration progresses to reduce risk.

We can work with you to quickly provision additional physical or virtual space if required and deliver creative commercial models which accommodate the costs associated with a migration from one service provider to another.

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  • Design a clear cloud migration scope with no surprises
  • Deliver seamless transitions to new environments
  • Access creative commercial models to smooth your migration path
  • Rapidly provision additional space as required
  • Actively manage and respond to identified risks effectively

Complex or simple, we’re on hand to solve your cloud challenges.
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  • Target: zero impact
  • Standardised, consistent processes and templates
  • Adherence to PRINCE 2 and ITIL principles backed by real world experience
  • Planning for a smooth transition to Business As Usual support, with specific reference to end user experience
  • Transition and Early Life Support Plan as you move into live service


  • Detailed migration plan
  • Sub plan for every app and service
  • Cloud migration dress rehearsal (where appropriate)
  • Tiered reporting structure for escalations
  • Clear acceptance criteria
  • Stakeholder summary analysis
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