Our approach to cloud readiness assessments

The Cloud Readiness assessment is the perfect way for you to kickstart your cloud transformation. Whether this is your first foray into cloud or whether you are looking to assess your readiness to move workloads and applications into new environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS), we will work with you to create a detailed and meaningful view of ‘current state’ and a strategic roadmap to ‘cloud-enabled’.

Adapt’s Cloud Readiness service helps you fast-track your decision making, with infrastructure and application expertise that assesses the viability of your proposed cloud migration.

Adapt’s approach is application-first, looking at the software tools that you use and support to determine whether they can – or should – be delivered on a cloud model. Some older or legacy applications for example may not be suitable for migration to the cloud but can be made more efficient by alternative means, including containerisation.

The first step is for us to understand what your applications do, how they work, the technology that underpins them and your scalability and resiliency requirements. We hold workshops with your teams to analyse and understand your existing infrastructure, reviewing and grouping your application requirements, workloads, system interdependencies, connectivity and latency, performance, processes, management, security and policies.

This technical and operational information is then paired with any commercial requirements which your consultant will then use to prepare a readiness report. The report will contain a readiness score and will highlight the areas of focus that need to be addressed as part of your cloud transition.

We also undertake interviews with your key stakeholders to understand what services are working well, where improvement is required and developments that would help meet business strategy and objectives.

We then complete a non-intrusive technical audit against our comprehensive scorecard system to categorise your infrastructure, workloads and applications, determining your critical path to ‘cloud enabled’ and any immediate baseline improvement activities required.

To accurately size your environment, we will undertake a range of discovery activities depending on your current and target state. These tools look at applications, services, compute, storage and network to ensure they will deliver the required outcomes.

Where the scale and the scope render it appropriate, we work with industry leading strategic partners including AWS, EMC, Cisco and VMware during the audit phase to validate our findings around vendor components.

What does Adapt need from me and how long will my cloud readiness assessment take?

Adapt will need some time with your application owners and technical subject matter experts for the discovery workshop and to answer any questions required to prepare your report. The engagement duration varies depending on the size and complexity of the application(s), but can take just a few days.

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  • Kickstart your cloud transformation with confidence
  • Build a detailed picture of the enablers and barriers to your cloud vision
  • Plan specifically around your applications and their characteristics
  • Share the results of the assessment easily with a scorecard view
  • Understand the impact of your future requirements and demands

Complex or simple, we’re on hand to solve your cloud challenges.
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  • Fast-track your cloud adoption strategy
  • Create a clear path to the cloud based on your application profiles and characteristics
  • Get an unbiased view of true cloud migration complexity
  • Tap into our expert knowledge of Amazon Web Services


  • Discovery Workshop for information gathering
  • Cloud Readiness Report with scorecard approach
  • Actionable insight and prioritised recommendations list
  • Optional presentation of findings
  • Expert advice from our certified specialist teams
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