The experience and expertise to make your move seamless

If your data centre location becomes impossible to sustain for any reason, our experience of managing complex zero business impact migrations for high-profile global enterprises means we are ideally placed to help move your data seamlessly into its new environment.

Data centre migrations effectively entail the transfer of your entire company at file level and the cost of failure is high. Adapt has successfully managed thousands of customer migrations onto our managed infrastructure and with every project comes new experience, fresh insight and understanding - each migration has driven improvements in our overall approach and methodologies.

Discovery and design

As part of data centre migration project planning, we hold detailed technical workshops with your teams to analyse and understand your existing infrastructure, reviewing your application requirements and roadmap, system interdependencies, connectivity and latency, performance, security and policies. A full appreciation of your system architecture allows Adapt to design and implement a transition path that minimises disruption to your production systems and services.

We also undertake interviews with your key stakeholders to understand what services are working well, where improvement is required and developments that would help meet business strategy and objectives.

Plan, test and document

When managing a data centre migration, detailed project planning, related communications and testing is fundamental. Following the completion of the final design, we create individual transition plans for each aspect of your service, building in timing allowances as necessary for change freezes and investment cycles.

Adapt delivers full documentation of all infrastructure aspects for both planning and project group reference, maintaining robust, collaborative communication with you and your suppliers at all times.

Our objective is straightforward - to remove as much risk and uncertainty as possible - so rigorous testing extends to full project dress rehearsals for complex moves.

Delivery of data centre migration requirements

Adapt takes a phased approach to transitioning your systems to new data centre facilities. Applications and services are transferred as collectives, moving from low - high complexity as the migration progresses to reduce risk.

We can work with you to quickly provision additional physical or virtual space if required and deliver creative commercial models which accommodate the costs associated with a migration from one service provider to another.

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Migration Approach

  • Deliver zero service interruption with your data centre migration
  • Maintain 2 sites throughout the migration so you're never without your DR
  • Reutilise your existing assets where possible
  • Execute with precision: replace, copy, move
  • Test thoroughly and handover

Complex or simple, we’re on hand to solve your cloud challenges.
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  • Switch service provider seamlessly
  • Proven approach and expertise minimises potential for issue
  • Identify and mitigate risk with thorough contingency planning
  • Robust, collaborative communication with all 3rd parties
  • Turn your existing challenge into an improvement opportunity

Features of our data centre migration services

  • Full documentation of all infrastructure aspects for both planning and reference
  • Experienced cost management to make your budgets go further
  • Precision scheduling – typically 15 minute units for time-critical activities
  • Project dress rehearsals for complex moves, removing as much risk and uncertainty as possible
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