More performant, more available, more secure

Business growth over time, whether organic or acquisitive, can result in platform sprawl and system duplication across an array of data centres which become expensive to manage, insecure and inefficient.

These situations offer many opportunities for radical simplification at both the application and infrastructure level that make your systems and services more performant, more available and more secure.

Adapt's experience of managing complex zero unplanned downtime transformations for high-profile global enterprises, means we are ideally placed to work with you to deliver the transformation your business needs to align it better with your current requirements and future plans.

Legacy infrastructure and major change

Where physical infrastructure is nearing end of life and needs replacing, virtualisation offers a range of consolidation opportunities that deliver far greater efficiency, scale and performance, with lower predictable operating costs.

Mergers, acquisitions, demergers and disposals all represent drivers for data centre platform transformation as new requirements emerge and evolve. Similarly, new operating models and product development represents new challenges and workloads which your existing estate may not be agile enough to support without compromising.

The right platform for your business

Every transformation and consolidation project is unique. Adapt’s expert solution architects and project managers take the time to understand your environments in full, so that we can plan and deliver a seamless experience with a clear path to required outcomes.

Adapt's programme approach consists of six key phases - Initiation, Design, Build, Test, Transition (Handover of Service) and Closure - with defined monitoring and control tools supporting each phase.

During implementation, we work as part of your project team to ensure your business imperatives are rapidly reflected and absorbed into operational activities. Adapt’s range of virtual infrastructure platforms deliver maximum choice and flexibility, with an array of customisation options that keep you in full control.

Complex or simple, we’re on hand to solve your cloud challenges.
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