Connected to Adapt’s UK data centre network via resilient links, enabling load balancing and synchronous replication across multiple production environments, Digital Woking is a high security data centre designed for high power and cooling density.

The DRT data centre in Woking is located on the M25 periphery. Coupled with Adapt’s Central London based estate, this makes the facility a perfect solution for split site hosting requirements.

Every suite comes with a dedicated plant ensuring that all equipment can be easily maintained without any intrusion or impact to services, enabling our customers to maximise the usage of their technical space.

Digital Woking facilities overview

  • High security data centre built to a Tier III+ specification
  • Located in Woking, Surrey, approx. 70km from Central London
  • 200,000 sq ft of net technical space
  • 60,000 sq ft of ancillary space
  • Mid - high density solutions: 1,500 watts per sq m
  • Carrier connectivity: Abovenet, BT, COLT, Easynet, Virgin Media, Vtesse, Verizon GEO and AT&T


  • Integrated with Adapt’s UK data centre network
  • Woking data centre directly connected to Adapt’s Central London locations
  • Ideal for split site solutions and synchronous SAN to SAN replication
  • High Availability services
  • Flexible power solutions
  • kW commercial models
  • Carrier neutral facility
  • IP connectivity through multiple service providers
  • Rapid deployment of custom build private suites
  • Managed data centre infrastructure and networking
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Intelligent integrated active server enclosures
  • Environmental sensors included as standard
  • Secure local and remote cabinet access
  • 24x7 physical access


  • Multiple networks and service providers for network resilience
  • IP transit: a choice of Tier 1 IP providers > MPLS: for higher bandwidth and low latency data transfer
  • Resilient inter-site data centre connectivity
  • Managed 1 Gi Ethernet
  • Managed 10 Gig Ethernet
  • Fibre channel (4Gb and 8Gb)
  • IP and Layer 2 services
  • Wavelengths

Space and power options

  • Caged private areas with a range of enhanced security offerings
  • Custom builds bespoke to unique requirements
  • Power density options from 3-7kW
  • Allocated office/ ancillary space for storage and de-boxing

Intelligent rack options

  • Intelligent IQ cabinets with high availability and full redundancy
  • Environmental sensors included as standard
  • Humidity and 2 x door microswitches
  • Secure local and remote access integrated into Adapt’s Management Portal
  • Environmental and power monitoring

Telecoms infrastructure

  • Access to multiple telecommunications providers
  • Diverse cable routing into facility
  • Strict cable management policy
  • 2 dedicated Meet Me Rooms (MMR)


  • 750mm raised floor with 4 metres to underside of soffit
  • Secure managed delivery bay with 3 goods lifts
  • Floor loading 10kN per sq m


  • Utility power supplied via 2 x 132kV incomers (dual 84MVA)
  • Minimum N+1 redundancy of power to the data centre
  • Diverse A and B supplies to every cabinet
  • 8 UPS units spread across 2 locations for resilience
  • 5 diesel generators (4 are required to run the data centre at full load)
  • 72 hours of fuel stored on site for generators
  • Emergency provisions in place for extra fuel
  • N+N or N+1 power solutions available
  • N+N Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) with battery back up – min 10 minute run time
  • 60 back up generators – 3 per suite
  • Re-fuelling contracts to ensure timely replacement


  • Chilled water cooling system, centrally managed and linked to BMS
  • Minimum N+1 redundancy on all cooling systems (free cooling) and DX options available
  • Humidity regulation via rooftop air handling units
  • In-rack cooling capability if required

Fire detection and suppression

  • Three-stage fire detection systems in all plant areas
  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus)
  • Fire detection in all rooms, below raised floors and in ceiling voids
  • Double interlocked pre-action gas suppression to technical areas
  • Fire detection and suppression systems interconnected to central BMS


  • Door access controls at site and building entrances
  • Proximity cards to authorise access levels including mantrap access
  • External and internal CCTV
  • Intruder detection alarms
  • 4 metre secure perimeter fence with trembler wire
  • SEAP 3 rated
  • Vehicle lock to site entrance
  • X-ray scanners

Building management system (BMS)

  • Experienced 24x7 facilities management team
  • Environmental conditions monitored continuously in all technical areas
  • All engineering systems monitored 24x7
  • Comprehensive energy metering system recording regular time series consumption data throughout the electrical infrastructure

Associated services with infrastructure and networking

  • Remote monitoring via Adapt’s Management Portal
  • Remote/intelligent hands
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Range of managed services

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