Embrace the most compelling features of cloud computing and elasticity of supply

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) challenges traditional physical infrastructure deployment methods, removing the burden of on-site infrastructure management and delivering higher resilience, full scalability and reduced cost of ownership.

Adapt’s on-demand managed infrastructure ensures that your users and customers get the best possible experience from your systems and services. Commercially, IaaS gives you access to a highly flexible 'pay as you grow' model that precisely aligns spend with your evolving business needs, with zero upfront capital investment.

Adapt’s IaaS solution allows the availability of network, compute and storage to be dynamically adjusted to cope with fluctuations in demand by your software and services, delivering powerful management and monitoring up to (but not including) the operating system (OS) layer.

Continuous operation

Adapt’s infrastructure is highly resilient, ensuring that your services continue to operate as usual even in the event of the total loss of a data centre.

We also offer full disaster recovery (DR) provisioning combined with load balancing implementation options that empower you to develop high availability (HA) solutions.

24x7 expertise

Our experienced infrastructure monitoring teams work around the clock to provide management and maintenance services, freeing up your valuable skilled resources to focus on more strategic projects.

Adapt’s award-winning IaaS platform

Adapt’s enterprise-grade virtual server and storage platform spans two physical data centres operating as a single infrastructure. The flexibility of this system enables us to offer a combination of services and service levels that cater for your diverse requirements, from core critical production systems that demand high levels of resilience through to temporary test systems.

This design also enables failover and backup between data centres, providing high availability (HA) and disaster avoidance (DA). The data centres are connected via Adapt’s low latency dark fibre metro network: a complete round trip between the data centres is sub-2mS, enabling either synchronous or asynchronous data replication.

  • Access a level of customisation, performance or availability that cannot currently be supported
  • Grow without further capital cost
  • Increase compute power and storage
  • Optimise risk management and DR
  • Replace ageing technology assets
  • Meet significant fluctuations in demand for services

Complex or simple, we’re on hand to solve your cloud challenges.
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  • Maximise your return on investment (ROI)
  • Improve operational performance with increased system availability, reliability and performance
  • Improve customer experience with the ability to adapt to your customers’ demands rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Increase business agility: scales and flexes with your evolving compute and storage requirements
  • Allows you to connect your physical, legacy infrastructure directly to your manged cloud platform, moving workloads between private cloud and fully locked down, dedicated physical environments


  • Full monitoring and management through our 24x7 Service Operations Centre (SOC) and transparent service management portal
  • High performance, high availability solution including servers and storage
  • Resilient private network for data and storage traffic
  • All hosting platforms are built with N+1 resilience at all levels, with no single point of failure
  • Solution customisation options available to align the service to your needs
  • All data retained in-country


  • Backup and restore
  • DR services: Fully resilient DR-protected environment option
  • Single/ dual site
  • Public, private, hybrid and G Cloud hosting
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