Reliable, efficient & in tune with your business

Managing and supporting your own dedicated physical and virtual server infrastructure in-house can prove a costly and time-consuming business. Delivered from world-class data centre facilities to support high levels of security and system availability, Adapt keeps your server environments reliable, efficient and in tune with your business, customer and competitive needs.

Where you require a dedicated server environment to meet security or compliance requirements, to lock down licensing costs or because you require a greater level of commercial and technical customisation, Adapt's end-to-end solution bundles additional services with servers to deliver a deeper level of management.

Managing complexity through customisation

Designed around all mainstream platforms, Adapt services allow you to move, over time, from legacy systems still operational within your business to a standardised, automated, service-oriented model. We manage complex physical and virtualised environments to maximise ROI, productivity and efficiency across your infrastructures.

Reuse existing assets to keep expenditure to a minimum and protect your investments – we will relocate your infrastructure to a 24/7 Adapt-managed data centre environment – or look to Adapt to deliver new custom-built infrastructure without the Capex overhead. We offer proven architecture design in single or dual site configurations for added resilience and disaster avoidance with the freedom to select your equipment vendor and operating system.

Stable & secure working environments

Adapt’s dedicated, private infrastructure delivers optimum levels of security with anti-virus built in as standard. All platforms are built to ensure no single point of failure with enough capacity to continue to operate in the even of a hardware failure. This resilience allows Adapt to offer availability Service Level Agreements (SLAs) of up to 99.99% for dual site configurations.

  • Delivers 24/7 operational capability
  • Improve customer experience with always-on, resilient systems
  • Access a higher level of customisation, performance & availability
  • Demand higher SLAs or more compliant solutions than you can currently support
  • Optimise risk management & disaster recovery


  • Affordable enterprise-grade service & availability for maximum ROI
  • Specialised capability to complement in house strengths
  • Reduced in operating costs & predictable OPEX budgeting, now & into the future
  • Improve customer experience & adapt to your customers’ demands rapidly, efficiently & cost-effectively
  • Effectively manage complex environments
  • Improve operational performance, increase availability & reliability
  • Secure, compliant systems: ISO27001 & ISO9001 certified; Government Impact Level Assessment Level 4 (IL4) & PCI DSS Data Security Tier 1 compliance assurance as required


  • Defined service levels; end-to-end SLA-based performance management
  • Management of OEM & third party maintenance agreements
  • Full monitoring & management through our 24/7 Service Operations Centre & transparent service management portal
  • Resilient private network for data & storage traffic
  • All hosting platforms built with N+1 resilience at all levels - no single point of failure
  • Servers kept within a supported OS patch level
  • Regular server backup of your root drives included as standard
  • Anti virus software included as standard
  • All data retained in-country with UK-based service management layer


  • Multiple solution customisation options available to align services to your needs
  • DR services
  • Additional backup options (higher frequency/ other drives) available
  • Reuse of your existing equipment
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