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24x7 expert managed dedicated service
Strong governance and security
Cloud designed for change
Your private, hyperscale, on premise and data centre environments integrated into a single, cohesive hybrid cloud
High-touch, insightful service, delivered by certified, dedicated cloud experts that understand your business inside out
Protecting your data, both in transit and at rest in your living hybrid cloud environment
Choose the options that work for you to support a rapid, fluid, rate of business change

Your modular, living application hybrid cloud environment

If your website and dev belongs in AWS or Azure, your workspace apps belong on a private, elastic high performance platform, your client data belongs in a government-grade secure facility (and particularly if it's all three), you belong with Adapt and our Managed Hybrid Cloud service.

Welcome to your Habitat.

The Habitat is the cornerstone of Adapt’s cloud integrator model, bringing together our own market-leading platforms, public hyperscaler environments like Amazon Web Services, community clouds like UKcloud and physical/legacy/other 3rd party environments.

We deliver these under a single, tiered service management wrap, blending and customising a wide range of services, providers and platforms to deliver your business outcomes.

Welcome to the Habitat!
Find out more about our ultimate application environment and the challenges it helps your business resolve.

Adapt creates customised infrastructure ‘Habitats’ for customers. This approach helps customers get the most out of our cloud integrator capabilities, bringing together our own market-leading platforms, public hyperscaler environments and physical/ legacy/ other environments under a single service management wrap with the ability to migrate workloads and applications across the whole ecosystem.

This enables customers to:

  • Move applications freely and securely between environments, in and out of the cloud, from low to extreme performance and back again
  • Define technology requirements simply and exactly by business outcomes
  • Do more with the same budget by optimising efficiency and alignment
  • Closely control service and performance levels

Adapt - Do More

  • Create advantage with infrastructure as a differentiator for your business proposition
  • Enhance customer experience with highly responsive demand-aware
  • Innovate for growth, making managed cloud work harder for your business
  • Scale seamlessly, change rapidly and dynamically with your business demands
  • Strengthen security and compliance from the data centre to the cloud

Complex or simple, we’re on hand to solve your cloud challenges.
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The right cloud solutions for your workloads

If you have a hybrid set of requirements, solutions and technologies, our Cloud Integrator approach delivers the benefits of our service management expertise across your disparate solution set. Need something just a little bit different and specialised? Our cloud environments give you maximum flexibility and choice without compromising performance, availability or security.

Adapt managed cloud
Adapt managed AWS
Adapt managed Skyscape cloud
Managed Private Cloud
Public Cloud: Managed AWS
Community Cloud: Managed UKcloud
Shared and dedicated environments on Adapt’s highly secure private cloud, available in single and dual site flavours.
Hyperscale capabilities for dynamic workloads with AWS.
Official and official sensitive aligned services on UKcloud’s certified public sector cloud platform.

Dynamic hybrid cloud you can rely on

The fluidity and flexibility of the Habitat is enabled by a rock solid, industry-leading service and support structure.

We work with you to blend commercial, technical and service requirements into a single transparent dedicated management wrap that gives you a window into the true usage profile and cost of your IT.

For more details about our managed cloud services, please contact us on 020 3714 4666.

Complex or simple, we’re on hand to solve your cloud challenges.
Talk to us on 020 3714 4666

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  • Explore the art of the possible with experts who have been there before
  • Ability to move applications freely and securely between environments
  • Agility, control and enablement
  • Optimal balance of cost and performance
  • Dedicated specialists with deep knowledge of environments


  • On demand enterprise-grade security and functionality
  • Productive, collaborative open working relationships
  • Tiered performance, from entry level to extreme
  • Outcome-aligned, customisable SLAs
  • Massive scale
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