Managed AWS is only as powerful as your ability to configure and customise

Hyperscale platforms like AWS (Amazon Web Services) offer commodity elastic compute options and powerful middleware and software features that revolutionise business models. But without in-house experience, they can be complex to secure, scale and optimise, both commercially and technically.

AWS doesn’t understand your business processes and priorities. There’s no transformation plugin that suddenly turns commodity technology resources into a meaningful, intelligent managed cloud environment aligned to your business and applications - or culturally helps reshape your teams to focus on the Next Big Thing.

Do more
  • Transform the agility and efficiency of your business with elastic scale
  • Stay compliant and secure in the Amazon cloud with strong commercial governance
  • Free your tech talent to 'build not run': take advantage of automation, standardisation and analytics

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Managed AWS your way, integrated into your business
Design, migration and hybrid integration
Scalable security options that work hard for you
Strategy and insight services
  • A custom blend of people and automation that works for you
  • Proactive, cloud-native managed AWS service with ‘pick and mix’ enhancement options
  • Strong commercial and technical governance
  • Architect and execute your move to AWS
  • Access reference architectures and create custom templates
  • Integrate your Amazon estate with your private cloud and legacy environments for the optimal hybrid solution
  • Strengthen your defences
  • Take your infrastructure security policies and profiles into the public cloud safely and confidently
  • Maintain control
  • Plan your journey, optimise your existing estate or drive more business value from your investment
  • Assess your business readiness and maturity for AWS
  • Build roadmaps, test concepts, get expert opinion with AWS consulting services

Adapt helps businesses achieve more with Amazon cloud services.
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Adapt is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

AWS Partner

We plan, design, build, secure, manage, optimise and automate AWS infrastructure resources for customers.

We work collaboratively with customers on everything from backup and archive workloads to revenue generating, business critical production environments in AWS. Our approach drives improvements in agility and efficiency through transformation with the optimal balance of human expertise and automation for each customer scenario.

Adapt specialises in integrating public and private clouds for ultimate hybrid advantage – enabling benefits like application-driven autoscale across platforms to meet peak workload demands, both planned and unplanned.

Benefits of managed AWS

  • Increase speed to market - getting new ideas out there quicker - test, rebuild, release… underpinning your agile, cloud-native application life cycle
  • Take advantage of automation, standardisation and analytics - improve build quality and consistency; make smarter decisions
  • Create (and maintain) the agility to support frequent, rapid change and continuous delivery - accelerate and transform innovation processes with automated deployment; enable a fluid DevOps approach to business evolution
  • Increase operational and commercial efficiency - rethink process, improve performance, remove barriers to scale and business growth. Contain costs; control procurement
  • Lower the risk of trying something new - enabling innovation by removing uncertainty and applying economies of experience
  • Stay compliant and secure in the Amazon cloud - protect critical data, identify and remove vulnerability without compromising performance. Stay safe, secure and cost-efficient

Up to 100% application availability and 24x7 access to Adapt's DevOps and SysOps engineers, DBAs, integration, automation and security specialists

Adapt's AWS managed cloud service keeps the focus on your business outcomes. We deliver deep cloud-native managed services designed specifically for your hyperscale environment, helping you get further quicker.

We’re very used to working within customers' complex technology partner ecosystems. Our service model is built on intelligent engagement principles that prioritise your application roadmap and product strategy. Our proactive AWS managed service keeps your environments permanently optimised to meet your business, commercial and technical objectives.

Customise your service from our baseline management package with optional enhancements built to supercharge your protection, performance and automation.

  Core Managed Service Optional Enhancements
Tools and Automation The out-of-the-box stuff you need day-to-day Custom and more complex elements
Architecture Standardised:

Access to best practice CloudFormation templates

Build automation

Reference architecture for specific application requirements

DB architecture and multi region high availability architectures

Design customised to specific application requirements
Configuration Live CMDB visibility Automated configuration optimisation and in life tuning
Auto Scaling Simple Advanced
Portal View resources, usage and billing

ITIL window: manage change and incidents

Self-serve window to your AWS cloud environment
Hybrid self-serve capability
Scheduling Basic scheduling for machine instances Complex scheduling and optimisation
Service Management Cloud governance fundamentals and proactive technical support Permanently optimised to support continuous integration and deployment
People: Expert Service Technicians Commercial and technical account team

Access to certified AWS Engineers 24x7x365

Guidance for standard use cases
Tech Specialists: Configuration optimisation and in life tuning - opinions and recommendations from AWS architects and engineers

Service Intelligence Team: Developer resource, application and middleware specialists, analysts
Monitoring Up to operating system Application and database level
Proactive Management Account Management
SLA Management
Incident Management
Problem Management
Change Management
Network Management
Database Management
Application Optimisation
Application Performance Issue Alerting
Security, Risk and Compliance Identity and permission management (IAM)
Load balancing
Logging/ audit
Basic backup and recovery
Federated IAM
Security as a Service (Alert Logic)
PCI DSS compliance
Direct Connect
Advanced backup and recovery
Billing Straightforward billing - consolidated and detailed view of your spend. Billing in £ Business-aligned billing - makes it easy to understand your usage and spend profile relevant to your busines

AWS Consulting Services: Enable, optimise and integrate

Our highly skilled AWS engineers have 25 years’ experience in delivering services to UK enterprises across a number of sectors, backed by broad and deep technical certifications. This enables us to deliver automagical services that ‘just work’ on hyperscale platforms to our hybrid and managed public cloud communities.

Our Professional AWS Consulting Services are grouped into Enable, Optimise and Integrate so that wherever you are on your hyperscale journey we can support you with relevant services and skills that make your AWS life easier. Adapt’s ‘Enable’ services are typically part of our managed service onboarding process; additional consulting services are available in life.

Enable Getting you up and running with AWS
Cloud Readiness Assessment A feasibility report on how ‘cloud ready’ your workloads and groups of workloads are for transition to AWS
Solution Design/ Architecture Detailed best practice AWS design based on application and requirements analysis
Migration Getting your apps and data securely migrated to AWS. Adapt specialises in migrations with zero user impact or downtime
POC A practical demonstration of how specific workloads will function on AWS
Optimise Making your AWS environments work harder for you, maximising efficiency and business value
Maturity Assessment Scoring your AWS maturity against key functional and non-functional areas, highlighting concerns, issues and opportunities for technical/ commercial optimisation
Roadmap/Strategy as a Service A regular, quarterly appointment with our senior strategy and architecture specialists to help define your roadmap against your business outcomes
Commercial Optimisation Review A data-driven view with a clear, practical set of prioritised actions to optimise the cost of operating your environment
Technical Optimisation Review An unbiased, objective review of your Amazon Web Services environment that explores optimisation opportunities, both technical and architectural
Security Assessment Measuring your proximity to best practice security, identifying potential vulnerabilities and areas that require remediation
Innovation POC An opportunity to test the theory in situ pre launch
Integrate Bringing it all together – create your custom hybrid cloud for optimal efficiency and value
Custom/Hybrid Cloud Architecture and Design Best practice design to your custom requirements with a focus on the ‘best execution venues’ for your business
Migration and Integration Services Creating the optimal blended architectures for your applications and workloads
Explore Book time with our AWS experts on a simple T&M basis.

Why Adapt for managed AWS?

Award-winning managed service on the world’s most popular platform.

Adapt is a leading UK managed cloud services provider and integrator. We support mid market and enterprise businesses on their ‘journey to agile’ with a transformative hybrid approach that makes it easier for customers to change and innovate.

Our mission is simple: to deliver a great service experience - across our own award-winning private environments and the world’s most popular hyperscale platforms.

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What we bring to the table:

    • Cloud-native agile managed service built specifically for hyperscale environments, backed by over a decade delivering business-critical application platforms for some of the UK’s best loved brands
    • Dedicated and semi dedicated customer-facing teams – putting trusted ‘faces and names’ to your commodity IaaS provision
    • Security of customer applications and data is our first consideration, all the time, every time
    • Integrator strategy and roadmap designed to release further benefits and choice in life as we innovate
    • Collaborative approach that helps you simplify operational models with clear delineation of roles and responsibilities
    • Proven ability to work within customers’ complex partner ecosystems
    • Custom engagement levels with complete service transparency; modular managed service that flexes with your business
    • Seamless migrations, advanced tooling, robust processes and exceptionally smart service experts with a deep knowledge of your environments
    • Hybrid specialism – Adapt’s ability to blend people, platforms and automation to deliver your business outcomes.

If you would like to know more about our Managed AWS offering, please call us on 020 3714 4666.

Adapt helps businesses achieve more with Amazon cloud services.
Send us a message or talk to us on 020 3714 4666

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