On-demand government-grade infrastructure

Adapt and UKCloud together offer the optimal blend of commercially critical production delivery and deep public sector knowledge and experience. On UKCloud’s foundation of commodity infrastructure services, Adapt layers premium, deep cloud service management expertise to bring the best of both worlds to the public sector.

Supporting your ‘Cloud First’ agenda

Adapt delivers true cloud computing services that are PSN accredited and adhere to the NIST definition of cloud, which includes resource pooling, on-demand, rapid scalability and transparent, utility-style billing.

  • Rethink process, improve performance, remove barriers to growth
  • Experienced, efficient transition and transformation projects
  • No hidden charges, transparent management, marginless UKCloud service pass through

Award-winning service on the public sector's #1 cloud platform
Aggregated service for maximum advantage
Optimised for OFFICIAL
Migration and implementation services
  • Standardised managed cloud services, clear service enhancement options
  • No hidden charges, transparent management, marginless UKCloud service pass through
  • Modular managed and unmanaged infrastructure services, integrated seamlessly to deliver organisational outcomes
  • Aggregated connectivity to secure government networks: monthly subscription-based access to PSN and N3 networks
  • Extensively validated services (including CESG PGA) aligned with the CESG 14 Cloud Security Principles
  • Ideal for all data classified at OFFICIAL (including OFFICIAL SENSITIVE) level and legacy IL0–IL4 solutions
  • Experienced, efficient transition and transformation projects
  • Straightforward, pain free process, with a clear, rapid path to benefit

Adapt helps businesses achieve more with Managed UKCloud.
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Benefits of managed UKCloud

  • Enable digital transformation - Deliver digital projects that require high levels of security and assurance, without compromising flex and scale
  • Rethink process, improve performance, remove barriers to growth - Leverage the flexibility of cloud to reduce traditional IT costs, increase operational and commercial efficiency, contain costs and control procurement
  • Lower the risk of trying something new - Enable innovation by removing uncertainty and applying economies of experience. Undertake proof of concept exercises without the complexities of CAPEX
  • Revolutionise ‘textbook’ solutions - Support and facilitate agile project delivery in line with the GDS Service Design Manual
  • Integrate cloud-native and classic - Deliver new applications and services designed for cloud; move legacy workloads and transform them to reduce cost and increase agility
  • Think bigger earlier - Provide a base layer for development of future capability such as big data analytics and containerisation

Enterprise-grade service management as standard

Adapt’s award-winning managed service wrap and secure, efficient, experienced planning, implementation and migration services are the ideal complement to UKCloud’s commoditised infrastructure proposition.

Our clear understanding of the demarcation of responsibility plays to each organisation’s core strengths and creates joint scale. The strength of the relationships we build with our customers make us unique and is key to our success, implementing effective governance by aligning the right members of the Adapt team with the right key customer stakeholders at all levels.

UKCloud and Adapt have both been part of the G Cloud Framework since it was created in 2012. Experienced in the successful delivery of framework services, we have supported many government departments with digitalisation and disaggregation initiatives that enable cost-effective access to flexible and secure fully managed cloud services.

Our partnership prioritises transparency and is designed to make us easy to work with - perfectly aligned to Government’s vision for service delivery: service agility and security at scale, delivered through multi-SME engagement, integrated with traditional Systems Integrators.

Flexible services

We work with organisations to aggregate multiple managed and unmanaged infrastructure services, offering a range of service levels, virtual machine sizes and security bandings.

Below are a list of our services on G Cloud 7 which will soon be refreshed with our G Cloud 8 services.

G Cloud 7 services as seen on the digital marketplace
IaaS Adapt Managed UKCloud Rapidly provision and scale secure Virtual Machines in minutes, in a flexible and autonomous manner. Adapt provides this service across two security domains: Assured OFFICIAL (formerly IL2) and Elevated OFFICIAL (formerly IL3) with an enterprise-grade managed service wrap.
IaaS Managed Virtual Machines Highly efficient, secure infrastructure and compute at an affordable price point. We provide infrastructure managed services and remove the burden of basic operational tasks allowing your IT team to focus on innovation and value added services to your organisation.
IaaS Primary Storage in the Cloud
(Assured and Elevated)
A high-assurance, PSN/N3-connected, cost-effective alternative to in-house storage management. This single-tenant private cloud is available on CAPEX- or OPEX-optimised pricing models and offers an increase in performance consistency and data security over public cloud storage options.
IaaS Cloud Storage
(Assured and Elevated)
A secure, massively scalable and resilient next generation storage platform for a wide variety of use-cases. Suitable for OFFICIAL (formerly IL2) and OFFICIAL SENSITIVE (formerly IL3) workloads and connected to the PSN.
IaaS Compute as a Service
(Assured and Elevated)
Enterprise-grade managed UKCloud Compute as a Service for Test and Dev, Essential and Production use cases. On-demand, secure, flexible scale and rapid VM provisioning. Service available across two security domains: Assured OFFICIAL (formerly IL2)/ Elevated OFFICIAL (formerly IL3). Service Levels up to 99.99% availability.
IaaS Dedicated Compute Cloud
(Assured and Elevated)
Completely private, on-demand, scalable compute resources. The service provides single-tenant (private cloud) infrastructure, secure, UK-sovereign hosting and management by UK government security-cleared experts. It provides highly robust levels of assurance for data classified as OFFICIAL or OFFICIAL SENSITIVE.
IaaS Secure Remote Access Highly secure access to restricted domains and sensitive data. The service enables mobile and remote workers to securely access workloads on the UKCloud Elevated OFFICIAL cloud platform from locations without secure network connections (such as PSN or N3).
Cross Domain Security Zone A simple way to deliver solutions that need to deliver open-access services between OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL sensitive data.
SCS Cloud Enablement: Planning Migration and Integration Phased, high value/ low impact cloud migrations that minimise disruption to your production systems, services and teams. We layer our economies of experience over PRINCE 2 and ITIL methodologies, ensuring each migration and implementation is delivered in a standardised, consistent way.


UK sovereign Disaster tolerant
An assured cloud platform delivered from two secure UK data centres by a UK-based company with UK government security-cleared staff Two highly secure UK data centres separated by more than 100km and securely connected by high-bandwidth, low-latency dedicated connectivity enabling synchronous replication
Flexible connectivity options Advanced Cross Domain Security Zone
Connect via the internet (with DDoS protection provided as standard), a government community network (PSN Assured service, PSN Protected service, N3; or legacy networks including PNN) or by HybridConnect — using your own dedicated circuits such as CPA-encrypted tunnels, leased lines or MPLS A secure managed or self-managed area that enables citizen access over the internet to data which is securely hosted on the Elevated domain
Immediately available Flexible and adaptable
On both Assured and Elevated platforms for zero delay to your project. Exceptional value — from 1p per hour. Add, remove or change your solution via the Portal or our 24x7 Operations Centre.

Information assurance

Adapt and UKCloud understand the importance and value of your data. All data is exclusively located in highly secure UK data centres, managed in UK and subject to UK regulation – removing the risk of international surveillance or disclosure. Services are assessed and recognised against international standards ISO 9001, ISO20000 and ISO27001 and are subject to regular official audits and assessments.

Services are designed and built with clear alignment to the 14 CESG Cloud Security Principles that all UK public sector organisations use when assessing cloud hosted solutions. The UKCloud benefits from extensive independent validation via certifications ranging from international standards to UK public sector specific standards (for example, PSN, N3/HSCIC). UKCloud’s Platforms are subject to regular, extensive IT Security Health Check (ITSHC) CHECK Tests by independent, CESG-approved assessors to ensure that customers have confidence in the physical and technical security controls which have been implemented to protect their valuable data assets. An Evidence Pack is available which demonstrates the breadth and depth of UKCloud’s security credentials.

Adapt’s managed services are delivered in line with these security standards. Our staff are SC cleared and vetted where the requirement is necessary. Adapt is also certified under the Cyber Essentials Plus Scheme and can deliver SIEM logging-based services where required in line with your security compliance standards.


UKCloud solutions offer resilient connections to secure UK government networks such as PSN Assured, PSN Protected and N3, as well as large scale, DDoS protected internet connectivity. It is also possible for customers to present their own connections (such as direct connectivity into MPLS, or inexpensive point to point connections via leased lines) and the Secure Remote Access solution to allow security assured VPN access to the Elevated OFFICIAL domain.

Additionally, the Cross Domain Security Zone option facilitates Internet facing Assured OFFICIAL applications to connect to data stored within its Elevated OFFICIAL domain. These options allow customers to keep their data safe, whilst allowing citizens to interface with the information they need.

On-boarding and off-boarding

The Digital Marketplace creates opportunities for performance-based, short-medium term engagements with public sector organisations so the ability to on- and off-board effectively is critical to success in this arena. Adapt has over a decade of experience on-boarding customers into our virtual infrastructure environments. Typical considerations include network connectivity and migration options - we will walk you through all considerations as your requirements develop, ensuring we balance risk, cost, timescale and priorities for your organisation.

If you decide to switch providers, we will work with you to expedite the off-boarding of your services to the new environment. Adapt’s solutions are all based on standardised infrastructure and software, designed with robust migration processes and portability in mind. Our consistent documentation makes knowledge transfer straightforward, accurate and complete.

Why Adapt for managed UKCloud?

Insightful managed services on the UK public sector’s #1 accredited cloud platform

We support public sector organisations including central Government agencies, charities, councils, heritage organisations and healthcare with a high-touch approach that makes it easier for customers to deliver meaningful digital transformations.

Our mission is simple: to deliver a great service experience - across our own award-winning private environments and the world’s most popular platforms.

What we bring to the table:

  • Dedicated and semi dedicated customer-facing teams – putting trusted ‘faces and names’ to your commodity IaaS provision
  • Experience and investment in our UKCloud management platform allows us to onboard customers rapidly, securely and efficiently
  • A unique ITIL service desk providing 1st, 2nd and 3rd line skills that minimise operational handoffs ensuring a fix it fast approach for any incidents, integrated with UKCloud’s service centre to deliver an overall SLA to your business
  • A Tech Lead that knows and understands your solution meaning accountability and ownership of your service
  • Muliti disciplined Pod engineers that provide insight and value at all steps of your IT journey to the cloud
  • NIST aligned, tightly-defined security ensures your ongoing compliance and protection
  • Transformative, collaborative approach to delivery that helps you simplify operational models with clear delineation of roles and responsibilities
  • Proven ability to work within your complex partner ecosystems
  • Seamless migrations, advanced tooling, robust processes and exceptionally smart service experts with a deep knowledge of your environments

If you would like to know more about our Managed UKCloud offering, please get in touch.

Adapt helps businesses achieve more with Managed UKCloud.
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