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Customisable dedicated private cloud your way
Custom 24x7 service management
Scale securely with confidence
Control the location of your data
Award-winning dedicated and shared application environments perfectly suited to more cloud workloads that do not require elastic web scale
Your critical and non-critical applications supported by deep Windows, Linux and VMware expertise round the clock
Scale freely and easily in an environment configured to your specific compliance requirements and security profile
Deliver against sovereignty or business preference requirements with UK only data-centre locations

Adapt’s managed cloud environments ensure that your users and customers get the best possible experience from your IT systems and services

Blending our deep skills in next-gen dedicated cloud, traditional infrastructure and high quality service management helps you stay agile, optimised and continually moving towards greater efficiency, scale and performance with lower, predictable costs.

Managed private cloud options in tune with your business

You may require a dedicated private cloud environment to meet security or compliance requirements, to lock down licensing costs or because you require a greater level of commercial and technical customisation. Alternatively, a more standardised multi-tenant private cloud environment may suit you better to prioritise cost efficiency, maintaining strong security through virtual separation.

We offer proven architecture design in single or dual site configurations for added resilience and disaster avoidance. Adapt's end-to-end solution bundles additional services with application infrastructure to deliver a deeper level of management.

Adapt - Do More

  • Align performance and availability to your business requirements and budget
  • Demand higher SLAs or more compliant solutions than you can support in house
  • Connect your physical, legacy infrastructure directly to your private cloud platform
  • Match spend with demand and simply pay for what you use

Highly secure, dedicated compliant application environments

With increasing pressure on technology to deliver both internal and external services effectively, the complete loss of a data centre site can be disastrous.

Our private cloud platforms have been designed from the ground up to support recovery point objectives that represent zero data loss to your business.

Our managed private cloud platforms hosts critical production systems for PCI and FCA regulated customers – we understand the importance of your data and have developed a range of customisation options that ensure you meet your compliance challenges.

All platforms are built to ensure no single point of failure with enough capacity to continue to operate in the event of a hardware failure. This resilience allows Adapt to offer availability Service Level Agreements (SLAs) of up to 99.99% for dual site configurations.

Adapt is certified to information security standard ISO 27001. Your data is stored in national data centres and will never be moved offshore, with support and management delivered by our class-leading 24x7 UK Service Operations Centre.

Cloud configuration freedom

Our flexible shared and dedicated architectures allow us to offer a range of configuration options: business-critical Active-Active services for continuous availability, Active-Passive services that include a DR (disaster recovery) environment and straightforward Single Site services for your production, standby and development systems. Your selected options are then integrated into your personal Adapt private cloud, even extending to your Adapt-provided colocation environments.

Our Active-Passive and Single-Site solutions utilise the same facilities, compute and networking infrastructure as our business critical solution for a zero-compromise approach to performance, security and integration.

Enterprise-grade private cloud services that help you leave legacy behind

Designed around all mainstream platforms, Adapt's services allow you to move, at your pace, from legacy systems still operational within your business to a standardised, automated, service-oriented model. We manage complex physical and virtualised environments to maximise ROI, productivity and efficiency across your infrastructures.

Reuse existing assets on your journey to the cloud to keep expenditure to a minimum and protect your investments – we will relocate your infrastructure to a 24x7 Adapt-managed data centre environment as a stepping stone to ‘cloud enabled’.

Customisable service management

Adapt’s service layer delivers fully customisable management and monitoring down to the individual component. We design a unique monitoring and response matrix for each customer, tailoring alerting thresholds and escalation to each defined service.

We manages the underlying platform infrastructure and your virtual servers up to the operating system layer, including applications, backups and batch processes as required.

Complex or simple, we’re on hand to solve your cloud challenges.
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  • Affordable enterprise-grade service and availability for maximum ROI
  • Specialised capability to complement in house strengths
  • Reduced in operating costs and predictable OPEX budgeting, now and into the future
  • Improve customer experience and adapt to your customers’ demands rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Effectively manage complex environments
  • Improve operational performance, increase availability and reliability
  • Secure, compliant systems: ISO27001 and ISO20000 certified; Government security standards and PCI DSS Data Security Tier 1 compliance assurance as required


  • Defined service levels; end-to-end SLA-based performance management
  • Full monitoring and management through our 24x7 Service Operations Centre and transparent service management portal: the Adapt DoMore Portal
  • Resilient private network for data and storage traffic
  • All hosting platforms built with N+1 resilience at all levels - no single point of failure
  • Servers kept within a supported OS patch level
  • Regular backup of your root drives included as standard
  • Anti-virus software included as standard
  • All data retained in-country with UK-based service management layer


  • Single site and dual site; active and passive states
  • Multiple solution customisation options available to align services to your needs
  • DR services
  • Additional backup options available
  • Reuse of your existing equipment in phased approaches
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