No industry or organisation today is immune to risk or threat

In an increasingly digital economy that prioritises innovation, speed to market, communication and collaboration, businesses are finding it complex and/or expensive to protect their sensitive data and assets against attacks that could come from anywhere in the world, any time, without warning.

of major UK businesses have suffered a cybercrime *
of breaches have a financial or espionage motive **
days is the average time it takes a business to identify that it has been compromised ***
organisations find out from a 3rd party that they have been compromised ****

** Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report
*** IDC Worldwide Security and Vulnerability Management 2014–2018 Forecast
**** M-Trends 2015: A View from the Front Lines

A shared security model

The pace of threat evolution is rapid and the range of assets that need to be secured is increasingly broad, particularly as more businesses bring in empowerment and productivity initiatives like mobile working and BYOD.

Hard-won customer trust and reputations can be instantly destroyed (and not easily regained) by aggressive or insidious attacks that catch businesses off guard.

Adapt’s managed security services and team of experienced cyber security consultants help businesses determine and enforce the right levels of security across both traditional and next-generation environments, reducing risk and enabling compliance.

We blend our highly skilled in-house talent and 24x7 Security Operations Centre with industry leading intelligence tools, enterprise risk management processes and specialist, integrated partner capability where required to deliver scalable protection, from 9am-5pm point solutions to end-to-end, 24x7 coverage.

  • Protect your data and users across diverse platforms and devices
  • Respond quickly to changes in regulations and standards
  • Ensure your brand only makes the headlines for the right reasons
  • Reduce complexity and cost by matching your exposure profile and defence strategy
  • Commit, don’t just comply – think beyond box ticking

Our approach to security and risk management

Plan: Security Consulting and Compliance, Strategic Defend: Proactive 24x7 Managed Cloud Security, Operational Respond: Rapid Recovery Services, Tactical
If cyberspace is an ongoing battle what troops and resources do you have available? How will you deploy them to best protect your users, data and assets? Do you regularly undertake exercises that test your capability, identify weaknesses and prove to your regulators, stakeholders and shareholders that you are proactively managing risk? Are you compliant with industry standards? Knowing yourself and your enemy are critical elements of any strategy. We help businesses understand their threat profiles, stay compliant in the cloud plan, train and test for the worst. It’s always daylight somewhere and the threat is 24x7. Do you know where the gaps or weaknesses in your defences are? Do you know how to reinforce them once you have identified them? Continuously optimised, right-placed and right-sized security solutions are critical to effective defence - and need to be straightforward to maintain from a commercial and technical perspective. Adapt’s 24x7 security operations centre and experienced specialists keep your business continuously protected even from the latest attacks. It is statistically likely that even if you haven’t experienced an attack or breach of real significance yet, you will. The speed and quality of your response has a direct correlation with the amount of revenue, reputation and customer trust you stand to lose. Our experienced tactical Quick Reaction Force mobilises our specialists and your authorised decision makers (both technical and non-technical) to get you up and running again as rapidly as possible.

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