Defend against the constant online threat with a powerful DDoS solution

For many websites, every hour of downtime comes at a real-world price: lost revenues, decreased customer confidence and the cost of the resource required to resolve the issue. Today’s customers demand responsive, uninterrupted online services. Sites that are frequently unavailable or function poorly can quickly lose market share to competitors.

Adapt quickly mitigates the effects of a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) against your online systems and services, protecting your online revenues, brand and customer experience.

Learning, active protection from DDoS attacks

Adapt works in partnership with RedSpam to deliver industry-leading DDoS detection and mitigation that comprehensively protects you from attacks with the least possible disruption to your services.

The DDoS mitigation service uses both signature analysis and dynamic profiling to identify and classify malicious activity. Our experts take the time to understand your normal demand patterns, building a profile of your legitimate traffic, improving mitigation response times and effectiveness.

Traffic scrubbing centres remove bad traffic from your network during an attack, and are based in London to ensure minimal latency and flexible peering with the EMEA market. Each Point of Presence for the service is located in highly secure data centre infrastructure.

Flexible and scalable against strict SLAs

The tiered, flexible commercial structure of the service scales easily with your DDoS mitigation requirements. We review your inbound traffic on a quarterly basis to ensure your pricing remains in sync with your traffic levels and you are fully protected at all times. A strict SLA agreement governs the performance of the service and the time to mitigation of any attacks.

  • Protect your critical systems and services from DDoS attack
  • Seamlessly integrate DDoS protection into your network estate
  • Quickly detect malicious activity
  • Access affordable enterprise-grade mitigation infrastructure from leading global vendors
  • Reduce the support calls and negative publicity associated with attack downtime

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Benefits of our DDoS prevention service

  • Protect brand equity, customer confidence & online revenue streams
  • Industry leading hardware & software contained within a single management framework
  • Profile normal traffic patterns to automatically activate alerts & mitigate threats
  • Filter unauthorised or suspicious activity during an attack, allowing ‘clean’ traffic through
  • Specialised DDoS capability to complement your in-house strengths
  • Flex up & down depending on your activity & seasonal traffic variations

Service features

  • Scrubbing centres located in Central London & Docklands, ensuring minimal latency & flexible peering
  • Resilient PoPs (Point of Presence) located within highly secure infrastructure run by some of the world’s leading providers
  • Flexible pricing tiers based on your inbound traffic
  • Quarterly reviews to ensure accurate tiering
  • Stringent SLAs with a rapid mitigation response time
  • No additional or hidden costs for traffic coverage whilst mitigating an attack


  • Reporting portal access
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