Adapt’s approach to managed cloud security gives businesses access to cost-effective continuous protection and deep security insight, actively predicting and identifying potential vulnerabilities in a complex, evolving cyberspace.

We offer modular, scalable business protection from our own foundational services delivered via our security specialists and operations teams to premium intelligence and defence services through our partnerships with global security leaders like Alert Logic and AlienVault. Together we help customers move away from siloed, reactive, complicated security products to integrated, proactive, intelligent fully managed security services that provide protection from latest threats, vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.

Adapt’s customisable managed cloud security monitoring services protect your systems, applications and workloads in the cloud and extend to hyperscalers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), delivering continuous protection and a consistent user experience across your diverse environments.

Integrated, knowledge-centric service - building a security platform the 'traditional way' by managing multiple point products and training your internal teams to run and maintain them without leaving gaps in your defences is complex, risky and expensive. Over the years, businesses have had to select different security products or solutions to protect their sensitive data based on its location: in physical data centre premises or held in the cloud, increasing capital investment, ongoing cost and opportunity for failure.

Adapt’s on demand services deliver integrated enterprise-grade managed security across your infrastructure, based on a proactive, knowledge-centric approach that includes:

Continuous monitoring

Our security analysts and intelligence teams identify new and emerging threats to keep our customers safe, sharing knowledge to give customers a deeper understanding of what’s going on in their environments:

  • Intrusion detection and vulnerability scanning
  • Monitoring network traffic as required: round the clock/core business hours, follow the sun/UK only in order to identify incidents, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
  • Log management and SIEM functionality designed to collect, aggregate and normalise log data from any environment
  • Application monitoring for advanced web-specific attacks

Additional options

Analytics - A powerful big data analytics and correlation engine that analyses your data (network traffic, log data, web attacks) to identify security incidents

Support - 24x7 support by certified security and compliance experts – investigating escalations of events and incidents identified by the analytics platform, working with you to neutralise the threat rapidly and effectively

Compliance - Adapt’s managed cloud security wrap maps to specific standards as required, such as PCI DSS and HIPAA, reducing the burden of meeting compliance mandates across the infrastructure stack (e.g. daily log reviews).

  • Detect threats and vulnerabilities rapidly and proactively
  • Secure your sensitive data regardless of location
  • Simplify your security and understand what is happening on your systems
  • Reduce the risk of in-house management and the overhead of ongoing training
  • Customise your security services and layer them into your cloud

Complex or simple, we’re on hand to solve your cloud challenges.
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More Information about managed cloud security monitoring

Benefits of managed cloud security monitoring services

  • Detect and protect your web applications from attacks
  • Identify and mitigate network threats and vulnerabilities across your infrastructure
  • Detect security and compliance issues from your log data
  • Correlate disparate security events to identify high priority security issues
  • No capital expenditure required - OPEX monthly pricing
  • No internal security specialism required

Managed cloud security services features

  • Fully managed service delivered by security analysts
  • Integrated threat, log and web security management
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Intelligent market-leading data analysis tools
  • Continuous threat intelligence
  • Secure content management options
  • Managed SIEM functionality without the cost and complexity


  • Customisable monitoring configurations for all your applications
  • Secure content management options
  • Customisable reporting and alerting to meet your requirements
  • Round the clock (as required); ‘follow the sun’ or UK-only
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