Prevention through interception of malicious email and cyber threat

Adapt blocks spam and viruses before they enter your business systems and networks. Not only does this prevent inbox and browser-generated security incidents, it can also save bandwidth usage by up to 90%, enhancing your teams’ productivity and user experience.

Adapt works with specialists Email Laundry to validate URLS and traffic sources against their proprietary knowledge base. Email Laundry maintains ongoing lists of newly registered domains, cyber-crime friendly hosts and name servers and DNS activity around domain and IP relationships.

Reputation-based email filtering

Email Laundry is also the global leader in reputation-based filtering. Their complex algorithms determine whether an email connection is a genuine email server or just Internet ‘noise’. If it is determined to be just noise, the connection is dropped - the logs are retained on the service for reference.

Each email is then scanned through 4 AV (anti-virus) engines: two signature-based and two behavioural to capture new viruses and malware. This enables the service to capture new viruses on average 22 hours before the best-known commercial AV engines.

Online protection specifically defined by your business rules

Adapt’s customisable web security services are based on your business-defined policies and rule sets. We give you a number of options to defend your users from malicious content when online. Block select content types, including sound, video and executable files and implement custom URL scanning with white and black listing options.

  • Manage the cyber risk from email and web more effectively
  • Protect your users online
  • Free up bandwidth for delivery of legitimate email traffic
  • Create continuity with 14-day rolling email backup service
  • Maintain inbox productivity and remove distraction

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  • Handle spam and unwanted email away from your network, saves bandwidth usage by up to 90%
  • Protects productivity by reducing time wasted by users filtering messages
  • Integrate as part of your business continuity plan as mail is queued or bolt on as continuity service for Exchange
  • Catches viruses up to 22 hours before signature-based anti-virus engines
  • Ability to block malware and malicious URL sites


  • Incorporates anti-spam, anti-phishing, URL scanning and anti-virus in a single service
  • Over 99.8% spam capture and zero false positives
  • UK and Ireland based scrubbing centres
  • Automatic updates promote 24x7 anti-spam accuracy
  • White and black listing against business policy


  • Encryption services
  • Email business continuity, available during both disaster and normal operation
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