Our Man In The Far East: Jim Farley Introduces Adapt’s Singapore Data Centre Platform

Aug 1, 2013
Jim Farley Introduces Adapt's Singapore Data Centre Platform

Last year Adapt deployed its first non-European infrastructure platform in one of Equinix’s Singapore data centres, driven by key customers’ business requirements. Comprised of Cisco, Dell and EMC hardware, the infrastructure provides secure multi-tenant services from an Asia-Pacific telecommunications hub. The infrastructure is designed from the ground up with thoughtful consideration going into security, resilience, scalability, connectivity, monitoring and support.

Adapt's Singapore Data Centre Platform

To develop the growth and adoption of our new Singapore virtual data centre services, I’ll be working from Bangkok over the next six months providing technical pre-sales support for current and new Adapt customers. Some objectives of this assignment are to:

  • Work with existing Adapt customers to architect solutions for IT challenges which they face
  • Meet with potential customers to understand where technical challenges exist and determine how Adapt will be able to assist in overcoming them
  • Build on the existing Singapore architecture within a design framework to meet technical requirements
  • Go to the beach as often as possible

The last one might actually be a personal objective, but shouldn’t it be on anyone’s objective list when they are assigned to work from Thailand?!

Focusing back on the Singapore infrastructure, what excites me the most is the scalability available to tenants. In its current form, local resilience is provided within the data centre however, the infrastructure is designed to grow and adapt as customer requirements change. This includes potential solutions for in-country inter-data centre active/active deployments and global Asia-Pacific/ global data centre disaster recovery.

Working with customers to design solutions around the Singapore virtual data centre is another opportunity to work with leading technology. It’s an exciting time to be working in IT with Adapt, as the solution to nearly any business’ IT challenges is limited only by the creativity applied to it. Stay tuned for regular updates about my time in Bangkok (and not just those trips to the beach!).

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