Accelerating Your Journey to Agile: A Multi-Cloud Perspective

Event Date: May 18, 2017
Accelerating Your Journey To Agile Event

Have you ever suffered from greenfield-envy - disrupted by young start-up businesses who innovate and change at a speed you cannot? Every day, new tools, options and performance enhancing add-ons are released but it's legacy that's preventing you from taking full advantage. If you could start out fresh today, would you do things differently?

From aspiration to realisation

What if it is just a case of assembling the right building blocks to leapfrog your way to agility? To an IT environment where you can just focus on your application strategy and addressing digital growth opportunities with the business?

Attend this event to make sense of our multi-cloud reality and how to most effectively leverage it to accelerate your journey to agile.

  • The British Medical Journal introduced a new DevOps way of working and improved the efficiency of their release cycle, from one release a month to three a day
  • Civica are able to process speed awareness courses for more than 1.1 million drivers for the Road Safety Trust and how their next planned cloud migration will further improve their approach to security and data protection
  • E-trade software provider, Quotall, started off in the Cloud as a means of competitive advantage and are now fully migrated to AWS
  • & much more (to be confirmed soon!)

Thu 18 May 2017
12:30 – 17:30 BST

150 London Wall
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